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Here’s Participle’s Principle Partner, Hilary Cottam, being interviewed by Sue Goss of OPM on relational welfare. There’s lots of great nuggets in here- thoughts on the strivers vs. skivers dichotomy (“fecklessness”), what does the good life look like and how work feeds into it, and what our obligations are to each other as people, to name a few. Click here to watch.

With support from Nominet Trust, Participle has launched We Are The Million, an innovative crowdfunding platform that enables local residents to invest in thriving local businesses and connects local businesses to skilled and motivated people that can power their growth. A year on, as their Nominet Trust support comes to an end, project lead Sarah Akwisombe reflects on We Are The Million’s journey. Click here to see article.

Henry Kippin sets out his principles for a new approach to public services. He argues that a more equal society cannot be imagined without strong and active public services. In his forth principle he references Participle and the need for relational welfare. Click here to read the New Start article.

Hilary recently spoke at the Cambridge Public Policy seminar, where she addressed the importance of emotions in public policy. Hilary’s talk focused on why public policy fails and why policy issues that seem to have been “solved” often re-emerge in a different form at a later date. Click here for full report.

The great thing about circles is that the ends join up, with Hammersmith and Fulham Circle being a prime example. See article. 

More young people will die at the hands of their parents unless child protection teams are taught to be proactive. Click here for article.

Today’s creative way of bringing people together starts with a circle.  A circle of people who all live in one part of south London.  A circle made up mostly of older citizens looking out for each other. Click here for article.

We Are The Million: We’ve come to the end of our pilot phase now, and actually, the things that we thought could be concerns weren’t, and the things we hadn’t even thought about got brought to our attention. The main question that kept coming up was… what exactly can we call a job nowadays?! Click here for article by Sarah Akwisombe.

UK jobseekers come back from the job centre in the same mood — a kind of anger that only comes from humiliation. Everyone standing in line feels too good to be there, but still thinks everyone else was scum. The assistant might be patronising, but they can cut your income with a click. You can scroll through vacancies, but you’re strangely on your own. How can an organisation designed to help people leave them feeling so isolated? Click here to find out.

Everywhere in our social lives the case for Relational Welfare is becoming apparent. Click here for article.

Over 55s are being enticed into Haverhill Leisure Centre with taster sessions and discounts. Click here for article.

A cross-governmental innovation unit, called Mind Lab, hosted the seminar ‘How Public Design’ at the beginning of September in Copenhagen. The event gathered a distinguished group of decision-makers, researchers, experts and consultants of social change, including Hilary Cottam Click here to see how it went.

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