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What’s happening on your block?

First posted at 15:37GMT on 21/09/08 by katebagley

There’s a saying that all politics is local, and in a globalised era, so too is all news.  What happens in other places reverberates—so much so—that we are often more aware of international events than local events.  A neighbourhood newsletter gets slipped under my door once a month, but on a day-to-day basis, national newspapers and television programmes are my go-to-sources. I hope  starts to change that. Go the site, pop in your location (in the US only right now), and the most localised of coverage appears—from police activity to photographs to restaurant reviews to recent news stories and blog posts rounded up from around the web.  Getting back in touch with our neighbourhoods—both the people and happenings that shape it—is the essence of connectedness.  If we want young people to feel more connected to their neighbourhoods, we have to emphasise the role of place, build up local knowledge, and overcome anonymity.


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