Welcome to our legacy website


I founded Participle to develop working exemplars of a 21st century welfare state. Over the last ten years, a small team of Participles have worked with a wide network of brave and visionary partners to develop new approaches to ageing, family work, youth work, unemployment and chronic disease.

Our work has led to positive change in the lives of many thousands of people across Britain and our models, based on our mission Beveridge 4.0, show how new approaches rooted in developing people’s capabilities and relationships can transform social outcomes at lower cost.

This website shares our vision, our design process, our learning and our impact. A welfare state in which all can flourish is within our grasp. We leave behind us working exemplars that continue to evolve in different parts of the country. We hope you will be inspired, use our work and build on these ideas. 

Very Best,

Hilary Cottam 
October 2015 

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